Mobile Gets Poorly Run Company With Poor Service (NYSE

Sprint's had a rocky few years. Poor customer service through the phone service carries into the store and customers often give poor ratings on surveys for the specific rep they worked with in the store, instead of rating the customer care poorly and the in store representative high.

And still, Sprint is bleeding out post-paid customers. T-Mobile CEO John Legere will keep his title, and Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure will serve on the board of the new company. With Sprint, you can enjoy a bit more wiggle room on your data usage throughout the month.

The "new" T-Mobile won't go very far if all the customers leave. An inbound customer call center for digital phone customers. There was a number of times when my VM service was screwed-up by T-Mobile saved messages lost and password reset - just like that out of the blue, no warnings.

We travel to Greece yearly and stay a month, and previous years had used Verizon service and it worked fine, but was very expensive. Most of the unhappy customers would switch to another service if it weren't for this huge switching penalty. While it's not quite as fast or widely available as AT&T or Verizon, it's a strong competitor for anyone looking for a good family plan: Sprint's introductory offer for its Unlimited Plus plan is $22 a month per line for five lines.

It's me." Apparently the decision will save the company money in the long run, but considering how poorly Sprint customer service has treated a few subscribers I know, I'm thinking that lower call volumes would be more attainable if Sprint customer service solved problems the first time around.

Customers can't terminate phone contracts because their carrier fails to provide adequate service, so they have no recourse. T-Mobile will need to improve the Sprint network as the market races toward 5G. It may need to merge the two networks at some point, which is a technological nightmare.

Note: Sprint didn't Sprint respond to our requests for comment on this article, but they did respond to ZDNET with a no-comment on their "excessive customer service calling" disconnect policies. If Sprint wants to keep its focus on its more profitable customers, do what the airlines have done-divide the customers into levels (Silver, Gold, Platinum) and give each level a dedicated phone number to call.

Rather, the customers who have a very high number of calls to customer service over a certain period have their files evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and customers who Sprint determines "might be happier with another provider" (her wording) for whatever reason are released from their contracts.

I've actually seen in user in here right that sprints customer service isnt any worse than other providers. Here I am in the 4th month and I still can't get the credit for the 3rd phone even though there is something in my account from collections that they approved the credit.

All I want is to take my phone to another provider and get rid of Sprint horrible service. Keep in mind that these go-rounds were interspersed with long periods of time on hold, so that the customer service” representative could look things up, talk to a manager, and no doubt badmouth me to her coworkers.

If the deal closes, T-Mobile will get a company that is poorly managed and is known for poor service. Unfortunately, 2.5GHz (Band 41) is not supported by weBoost boosters at this time, while the other two bands and the rest of Sprint's 3G & 4G LTE are supported.

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